Epic Telling

The Festival Gathering reaches a high point in the performance of the "Epic Telling.” This year we will hear the first 8 chapters of the Gospel of Mark.


What will we experience together?


During our final Worship all kinds of tellers who learned a small portion of scripture by heart will come together live and tell the first part of the Gospel of Mark in sequence, tag-team style.


This is an energizing joint effort that gives us a chance to experience a large portion of scripture together, as told by a variety of tellers. It is such a gripping event that it has come to be known as epic. Different bodies, different voices and perspectives create a unique hearing of scripture.

You won’t want to miss this!

How do I take part in the telling?


  1. You check the chart below and decide which verses you would like to commit to telling by heart. You can look up the passage by clicking on the text references below. You will see that there are different lengths and levels of complexity for you to consider.

  2. Fill out the form and submit your top three choices, in order of preference. We’ll do our best to give you what you selected.

  3. Once you hear back from us, dive in, learn your part and be ready; we’re counting on you!


We’ll have a brief technical run-through at a time TBA (probably the hour before the closing service)


On Sunday we will “queue up,” speak when it’s our turn and the epic experience happens.


Keep in mind that anybody can do this and you will be supported in your efforts. If you’ve never told scripture before be sure to sign up for a Biblical Storytelling 101 stream.


How do I prepare?


Learn the passage by heart and be ready to tell it live without prompts. Our practice for the epic is to use the NRSV translation of the Bible, so make sure that is the one you learn. As a general rule, aim for roughly 95% story content accuracy and 70% word accuracy. It’s not a competition to get all the words perfectly!


Make sure that you have a reliable internet connection and that you are comfortable muting and unmuting. We will have technical people supporting us every step of the way.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Epic Convenor Michele Rizoli at nbsilectionaryproject@gmail.com

Gospel of Mark 1-9:8

(Tap references to view full text)
* Levels of difficulty 1=simple 2= medium 3=complex

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