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2025 Epic Telling 
from the book of Job
Join us for the Livestream - open to the public
Friday, February 2 at 4pm pacific time

Meanwhile, as you wait for the 2024 Epic Telling,
watch the recording of last year's brilliant performance:
NBSC Epic Telling Thumb 2023.png

What will we experience together?

A high point of any Festival of Biblical Telling is the performance of the "Epic Telling.” This is an energizing team-telling that gives us a chance to experience a large portion of scripture together, as told by a variety of tellers. It is such a gripping event that it has come to be known as Epic.

Tellers who have signed up here to learn a small portion of scripture by heart come together to tell their part in sequence, tag-team style.

This year we will team-tell portions of the book of the book of Deuteronomy - and record our tellings from our own locales.

You won’t want to miss this!

How do I take part in the telling?

Get registered for the Festival.

Check the upcoming chart (October 15/23) to decide which part you would like to learn and tell by heart.

Tap the button above the chart to fill out and submit your top three choices. We’ll let you know your assigned part within 48 hours.

Learn your part by heart and video-record yourself telling it. Video Guidelines will be available.

The actual performance of the Epic will be a broadcast of our fully edited Epic Telling video. Invite your friends and family!

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