Imagine a roomful of storytellers - sharing, listening, encouraging each other
in telling the Word by Heart...
If you are a newcomer to telling-by-heart, take the Biblical Storytelling 101 stream to learn the basics of the method (yes, there are ways to help you remember text and to express with meaning!)
If you are a seasoned (or lightly seasoned) teller, take one of the many workshops that will enhance your storytelling. 
"This Changes Everything" online biblical storytelling Festival Gathering is framed in worship, prayer and song, anchored with incredible keynote presentations by the founder of the contemporary biblical storytelling movement, led by a wide variety of highly skilled workshop leaders in all areas of interest. It culminates in the infamous "Epic Telling" - a tag-team telling of much of the Gospel of Mark. The Epic Telling and closing worship (featuring - you guessed it - lots of biblical telling) are open to the public. 

Annual Festival Gathering

celebrate and teach scripture telling by heart

LS Biblical Storytelling Festival 2021 E

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