Our 2021 Speaker is Dr Tom Boomershine!
see below for info about our past year's speaker
Rev Dr Cynthia Park
(who was also truly awesome)
Senior Associate Rector, Grace Episcopal Church

Dr. Cynthia Park is an Episcopal priest, Cognitive Behaviorist, and Semitic Philologist who lives in Gainesville, Georgia with her husband Jack. Entering community college for the first time at age thirty with four young children, she majored in Accounting in order to participate in the tuition program sponsored by the bank where she worked the night shift as a file clerk. A master degree in Counselling Psychology later, she entered Virginia Theological Seminary, to complete a Masters in Theological Studies. She holds a PhD in Semitic Philology from the Department of Semitic and Egyptian Languages and Literatures of the Catholic University of America.She graduated second in her class…a class of two.


Cynthia has worked as a language and performance consultant for The Seed Company, a branch of The Wycliffe Bible Translators. A popular retreat leader and teacher, she was theme presenter at the NBS International Festival Gathering in 2018 in Dayton OH. All of this is grounded in her work as a parish priest in Compassion Ministries with Grace Episcopal Church in Gainesville.


Her recent research has centered on biblical Hebrew and the book of Ruth. She is an inspiring, engaging and justice-driven speaker, and her passion will ignite the storytelling gifts in those who are new to the journey as well as seasoned tellers looking to grow their skills.

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