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Steve Bell

"Steve Bell has been referred to as a modern-day troubadour, namely a lyric poet or musician who is sent to bear a message of love. A storyteller at heart, Steve often recounts how his vocation as a singer-songwriter, borne of a deep sense of calling, has led him down avenues entirely unforeseen. As humble as he is talented, however, Steve leaves it up to his loyal fan base to recount the infinite ways he has spoken into their lives—as a purveyor of truth and beauty, a champion of kindness, a mentor and an advocate.” (Biography - Steve Bell)

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Those of us who have followed Canadian Christian singer-songwriter Steve Bell’s career have found our lives enriched, our faith bolstered, our spirits comforted, and our minds enlivened by his gentle and wise lyrics, his sometimes subtle, sometimes soaring melodies, and his deep commitment to excellence and authenticity. Composer of such Christian hits as "This is Love", "Ride On King Jesus" "Eventide", he is held in high regard within and outside the walls of the Church, and beyond denominational lines.

Steve lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He was raised in a musical recording and touring family. He learned to play guitar from prisoners in the Drumheller Prison when he was eight years old while his father was serving there as prison chaplain. He was a member of Winnipeg’s acclaimed Elias, Schritt & Bell band in the early 80’s. Since 1989, he has independently released 20 solo CD’s with combined sales of over 400,000 units. His albums have been awarded three Junos, Canada's highest award of musical excellence, with another three nominations.

Steve heartily agrees that telling the stories of the Bible - the Old and New Testaments, and the stories of Jesus particularly - is so important. He is a consummate storyteller, weaving his own stories and experiences into the Story of our faith. Many of his songs are scripture-based, rooted in a knowledge of the text, with inquiry into what was going on at the time each was composed, and grounded in devotion.

Since 1989 he has performed over 2000 concerts to over a half million people in 15 countries including Ireland, Bulgaria, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Poland and throughout the United States and Canada… and the list goes on….

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