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Festival Worships

Let's gather in worship with song, prayer and interactive reflections, as we consider together the sacred story that sustains us. Images of the not-so-distant past will orient us in the places of our personal story and inspire us to consider how the next generation might find their way by the stories we tell.

Celebration Worship
Sunday Feb 4/24 11am pst

welcomes everyone to join us, not just for festival participants, although it will wrap up a fantastic weekend of festivities!

Our Celebration Worship seeks to do exactly that - celebrate the sacred story that is to be told by Linnea Good and preached by Rev. Bev Brazier. Come and experience the fullness of worship and profound depth of scripture told, as it sustains our stories and passes them to future generations of storytellers of faithful storytellers.

We will worship through a creative liturgy developed by the worship team  of Rev. Jan Bihl, Rev. Aaron Miechkota, Rev. Steph McClellan and our Music Resource treasure, Paul Vasile.

Sunday Worship celebration with leaders Stephanie McClellan, Jan Bihl, Aaron Miechkota, Song Leader Paul Vasile and tellers, prayers & reflectors!

Paul Vasile (headshot 2024).jpg

Festival Music Resource:
Paul Vasile

Strengthening and liberating the voices of God's people...

Paul Vasile is a church musician, consultant, composer, and teacher who finds his greatest joy in collaborative and community-centered ministry. 

Committed to modeling expansive, imaginative, and hospitable experiences of music making wherever he goes, Paul's leadership builds trust, invites spaces of creativity, vulnerability, and play, and supports practices of reflection and holistic learning. Recognized as a multitalented musician and liturgist, he is helping to strengthen, energize, and liberate faith communities through the ways they worship and sing together. 

From 2016 to 2023, Paul served as the Executive Director of Music that Makes Community, a non-profit that shares "paperless" (oral tradition) leadership practices and songs. He traveled across North America modeling distinctive approaches to communal singing and learning at retreat centers, conferences, denominational gatherings, seminaries, and in congregations of all sizes. 


Committed to expressing and exploring faith in new ways, Paul composes sacred music that expands and enriches the church’s language of praise and prayer.  


Those who attended the NBSC Festival last year, got a brief glimpse of Paul’s gentle and inspiring leadership, when he led a workshop on the intersection of paperless singing and telling Bible by heart. When we asked him to lead in a festival devotion with a refrain chosen for the moment, his song was so beautifully right that we could not wait for the next opportunity. We asked him to be our Music Resource person for the entire 2024 Festival.


We are so pleased to have Paul in Worship Leadership with us!

Jan headshot 2024.jpg

Rev. Jan Bihl

Jan loves music and story, creatively woven for reflection and celebration in worship and in personal prayer. In the decades to come, in the midst of the sea-change we are experiencing, story and song will provide roots and wings for the Gospel of Life we share.

Festival Worship Team

Rev. Stephanie McClellan

Rev. Steph is a clergy person in the United Church of Canada hanging off the east coast of North America serving Bloomfield-Musgravetown and the surrounding area.

She loves the joy of Biblical Telling and creative, interactive worship leadership. As one who has attention and memory issues, the study and repetition as part of the telling process in practice turns out to be a confidence builder. In this world of turmoil and tragedy, Steph is a Brene Brown fan who agrees that "joy is an act of resistance" and Biblical Telling is a way to find that joy and share scripture in creative, lively and relevant ways to all ages.

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