Come Tell in the Story Theatre
You could be one of the storytellers. It's an opportunity to share your favourite scripture with friends and audience. (No, you do not need to be an expert teller and Yes, the buttons are actually one and the same link)


  • Telling can be any length up to 12 minutes long (longer by permission only)

  • Tellings are Scripture. Another day we will hold a Story Theatre with stories outside of scripture, midrash and telling in your own words

  • Be thoughtful about the translation language you are choosing, showing respect for all people

  • Nope, no more videos. Come and tell!

  • We'll help you with your wifi presence, if you would like some coaching

  • Come 15 minutes early to ensure success

  • Here is the download of the formatted scripture

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Two Ways to Tell in the Pentecost Video


The Whole Pentecost Story 
  • Send us your Video Telling of Acts 2:1-21

  • Have someone record you telling the whole story - or even some of the story - by heart.

  • Send it to NBS Canada by May 15/21

  • These videos will be edited together into one telling, to be shown at the end of our Story Theatre on Pentecost Eve. 

  • The full video will be made available by May 17 to churches, so that it may be broadcast as part of their Pentecost worship service on May 22! 

  • Here is the formatted text for your telling. Story must be told in NRSV translation

  • Register to tell



Single Lines in Many Languages

  • Send us your Video Telling of Acts 2:4 or Acts 2:6b only - in your non-English language

  • Have someone record you telling one of these 2 lines

  • Videos will be edited together at that place in the telling. Make it joyful! Don't be slow.

  • Deadline for these videos is also May 15th  

  • Find your friend who speaks a language other than this one and ask them to do the same!

  • What an easy way into Biblical Storytelling..!

  • Here is the download of the formatted scripture. Your lines are in red.

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