Training Workshops

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Saturday teaching sessions and devotion, under the hosting auspices of Barrhead United Church, for all those seeking to:

* open themselves to God's presence and guidance

* learn the ancient practice of speaking the Word by heart

* deepen their experience of scripture

* mark the season of Lent in warm community


Six Saturdays in Lent March 5-Apr 9/22

10-11am Mountain Time (AB) - open to all

We will learn about oral tradition in the time that the Word was composed, how parts of the Bible were first composed by "tellers" who had "listeners" and how that affects our understanding of their message. We'll learn a method of by-hearting that makes remembering words much easier than you think (really!). We'll ponder the stories and words we are learning, in order to explore what God might be saying to each of us today. We'll speak the Word aloud in one another's presence, and receive encouragement.

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Biblical Storytelling 101 - Sacred and Shared

with Rachel Whaley Doll


Come together, dive deep, wonder and step into the story of Palm Sunday together. Telling a biblical story or hearing a story told ignites creativity and connection with one another, and deepens our understanding of faith. When we allow the story to weave into our lives as we spend time learning it, the story surprises us by showing up all over the place! Join us as we learn to tell and share our sacred, shared story. This workshop will be a time to learn the basics of Biblical Telling, to connect to the story with understanding and memory, and to practise the Word by Heart.


Rachel Whaley Doll serves as the Pastor for Faith Formation at Winter Park Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, NC. She enjoys playing ukulele, drums, piano, and singing (a taste that is even sometimes shared by her husband and their two teenagers!). Rachel is an accredited biblical storyteller through the Academy for Biblical Storytelling of the NBS International - a seasoned teller and educator. She looks forward to passing on the love for our shared story to siblings in faith that she meets on her journey. You can connect with Rachel: or on Twitter @rachelwhaleydol. 

2 opportunities - 1 workshop $20@

with Rachel Whaley Doll


Monday March 21/22

6:30-8:30pm pacific


Saturday March 26/22

10:30-12:30pm pacific

Time - 2 hours