You will have an opportunity to participate in time-zone spaced workshops during the three-day Festival.
Workshops for 2021 will be listed beginning in January.
Meanwhile, take a look at what we did at the last Festival Gathering;
Taking the Stress out of Storytelling - Kerry Garnier

Level: Great for new story tellers, good for all

Number of participants: 20-25


Storytelling is an AMAZING gift to be called to do. But for anyone who is not used to performing, it can be a very DAUNTING task to undertake, triggering issues of performance anxiety. This workshop with teach you very effective neuro-techniques to help you: reduce your anxiety, make memorization easier and reconnect you to your joy of storytelling. (Please BRING A STORY you are working on for reference. If you don’t have a story, that’s okay, too, just BRING YOURSELF!)


Kerry Garnier is a certified Emotional Success Coach, advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Laughter Yoga Leader, Storyteller and Clown. As a recovering “yes” person, Kerry is passionate about working with people who struggle to say “no”. Kerry takes her clients from feeling exhausted, used up and trapped in their lives to feeing happy, confident, knowing who they are and what they want. Please visit Kerry at

12 Steps in Praying the Scripture - Janet Stobie

Using prayer to prepare for public storytelling.

Level: Beginner through Intermediate

Number of Participants: 8-10    


As we prepare for our Biblical Storytelling, noise can fill our minds – You can’t learn all this! You haven’t time! You know the message of this familiar passage! I can’t understand St. Paul’s words. Do I agree with this?  When we “pray the scripture passage”, we change the focus from “I” to “God”.  This workshop will lead you through 12 steps to follow to help you pray the scriptures. With the shift in focus, the scripture passage will become written on your heart. 


Story teller, writer, ordained minister, Janet Stobie has developed methods to keep her thinking and her life focused on God’s message for her daily life. Janet has written 8 books, two short story collections written in the first person as monologues, three children’s picture books, two novels and a worship resource. In all of her writing Janet offers the message, we are all God’s beloved children. We are blessed. Janet is welcomed as a storyteller Sunday morning worship, fundraiser’s, church and community groups, book clubs and conferences.

Story Journey - Where it all began. - Elizabeth Green

Level: Beginner/Basic, but anyone can attend

Number of Participants: 8-10    


This workshop will provide both an introduction and opportunities to review and explore Story Journey: An Invitation to the Gospel as Storytelling by Dr. Thomas E. Boomershine, founder of the International Network of Biblical Storytellers. The first of its kind, Story Journey teaches the techniques that are fundamental to learning and telling biblical stories. In this "book club" like workshop, we will learn and tell a story using Dr. Boomershine's methodology and consider the various ways in which biblical storytelling impacts our ministries, as outlined in Story Journey. This workshop is suitable for all levels of biblical storytellers. Reading Story Journey is recommended, but is not required in order to fully participate in this workshop. All are welcome to attend.


The Reverend Doctor Elizabeth Green is an Anglican priest and professional biblical storyteller. In 2015 she completed her Doctorate of Ministry under the mentorship of Dr. Thomas Boomershine. Elizabeth serves on the Board of Directors for the Network of Biblical Storytellers, International and is a member of the Scholar's Seminar within the Network of Biblical Storytellers. Along with completing her dissertation entitled, Transmediatization: A New Paradigm for Canadian Anglican Liturgy and Worship, Elizabeth has created and led a variety of  biblical storytelling workshops. She now serves as the Incumbent Priest for All Saints Anglican Church, King City in the Diocese of Toronto.

More Memory: Knowing It by Heart Sooner - Linnea Good

Level: Beyond the Basic

Number of Participants: any number   


As we develop our method of remembering and speaking the Word, we draw upon our own personal learning styles. Here are three unique and amazingly effective methods to add to your repertoire. Linnea will introduce the three techniques, giving participants the opportunity to test out and examine each one. She will provide you with a handout to ensure you can continue to use and adapt it for future work.



Linnea Good is a "musical animator" whose primary work is to enable people to express their souls through music and biblical storytelling. She teaches music in her town of Summerland BC CANADA and tours across the country with drummer/spouse David, performing her own music of faith. She and David and an NBS International team will travel to India in January of 2020 again on a very exciting biblical storytelling mission to three Christian colleges. 

Plus ...
  • Intro to Biblical Storytelling - Highly Recommended for New Tellers

  • Going Deeper with Cynthia Park

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