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Plenary 4 Thumbnail.png

Plenary #4

Dr Randy Richards is joined by the three biblical tellers-Bev Brazier, Jeff Lawrence, and Sandhya Ruban Hobday, for a time of reflection.


The storytellers will seek to unpack some of the Aha! moments we all encountered as we see to remove some of our own cultural blinders in order to understand the story better. Always, the goal is to tell the story better. Questions, comments and observations from participants have been gathered throughout the conference and many will be addressed during this final keynote session.

Plenary 3 Thumbnail.png

Plenary #3
Understanding The Story

Sandhya Ruban Hobday, an experienced storyteller from India, will tell us again the familiar story of the Samaritan Woman at the Well.


As with all the keynotes, the last fifteen minutes will be led by a storyteller helping us see how understanding the story better helps us to tell it better.

Plenary 2 Thumbnail.png

Plenary #2
Know What Went Without Being Said

Dr. Randy Richards will note how the story highlights inheritance and Joseph's arrogance.

We make Joseph a hero, when the story is about the restoration of Joseph. When something is left unsaid, often the story doesn't quite make sense.

To make the story work, we usually fill in the missing piece with what goes without being said from our culture, even if the "filling in" is done by non-verbals in the telling, or by location, when we think the story needs to be told. In this case, flipping the story to make Joseph the hero can influence how we tell the story.

NBSC-story theatre poster May2023-V2_edited.jpg

Story Theatre:
The Word told by Heart

Join three storytellers as they share their experience of journeying to the centre of Luke.

This past year Claudia Barnes, Karen Coogan and John Epp have used the Bible's ancient convention called "Ring Compositions" to learn and tell biblical stories.




April 22 - Closing Worship
Festival of Biblical Telling 2022

Witness the Closing Worship of the Festival of Biblical Telling, with sermon shared by Rev John Snow and Rev Bev Brazier, musical ministry by Steve Bell, presided by Rev Jan Bihl and Rev Steph McLellan.

Plenary 1 Thumbnail.png

Plenary #1
Telling Stories Frontwards

All of us have a worldview, which we got primarily before we were old enough to ride a bike. Our worldview provides us a lens through which we view the world, including how we read Scripture. Like any lens it helps us to focus to see some things more clearly but, alas, it also can blind us from seeing other things.


As a storyteller, you may say, "All I do is repeat the story," but how we understand the story affects our nuances, gestures, tones and the thousand other non-verbals that we bring to play--the things that make storytelling wonderful! In this session, we will look at some common ways that a Western (aka "Individualist") worldview can impact how we read (and misread) Scripture. The goal is to understand Scripture better so that we can tell it better.


Festival of Biblical Telling 2022

April 22 - Closing Worship
Festival of Biblical Telling 2022

Witness the Closing Worship of the Festival of Biblical Telling, with sermon shared by Rev John Snow and Rev Bev Brazier, musical ministry by Steve Bell, presided by Rev Jan Bihl and Rev Steph McLellan.

Randy Ritz thumbnail.png

Festival of Telling 2021

Featured Teller:
Randy Ritz

Randy Ritz performs his extraordinary midrash bible monologues during the Festival of Telling. (April 2021)

Story Theatre Nov 2022 poster_edited.jpg

Story Theatre: November 2022

Story Theatre:
Bold Women of the Bible

The Canada-India By-❤️ Guild, along with NBS India, presents “Bold Women of the Bible”.


Stanley Benjamin opens with the song “Vaazhnaal Ellaam”

Susan Ida Boucaud tells of Rahab’s intrigue with the Israelite spies.

Linnea Good tells the trilogy of Mary of Bethany

Pradeep Kumar shares the “bold” moments of Queen Esther in Hindi

Sandhya Ruban Hobday tells of Bathsheba’s schemes

Pastor Cornelius shares in Hindi the story of Hagar

Susan Philip relates Hannah’s sorrow, joy and promise

A Short How and Why 2022.png

Vancouver School of Theology

Biblical Storytelling:
A Short Why and How

Linnea Good
for Vancouver School of Theology

Linnea presents an engaging walk-through of the origins of telling Holy Word by heart and invites participants in this workshop to begin the process of learning and by-hearting. 

With visuals and humour, this is a good introduction to the discipline of Biblical Storytelling.

Story theatre Feb2022 poster.png

Story Theatre: February 2022

Story Theatre:
The Word told by Heart

The Northern Sacred Story Group presents a Valentines story concert: "Love Letters from God - texts of love from the Bible”.

The Canada-India By-Heart Guild tells the II Kings story of "Elisha and the Shunammite Woman”,


Keith Metzger shares Romans 8:31-39 - I am convinced!


Linnea tells Luke 9:28-36 - Jesus’ Transfiguration,


Sharon Pradeep shares Isaiah 6:1-8 Holy, Holy, Holy!


April 22, 2022

The Epic Telling of Personal Encounters in the Gospel of John

The Festival Gathering reaches a high point in the performance of the "Epic Telling.”


This is an energizing team-telling that gives us a chance to experience a large portion of scripture together, as told by a variety of tellers. It is such a gripping event that it has come to be known as EPIC.

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Tracy Radosevic.png

Training Workshop

NBSC Workshop 101
October 23/21

Beyond mere "memorizing"! Explore the methods and techniques that open up the Word, increase memory and understanding, and learn the origins of this ancient discipline of telling.

Leadership: Master Storyteller, Dean of the Academy for Biblical Storytelling, Tracy Radosevic.

Download 3-hour workshop video:

Cost $10 to receive download key

E-transfer: or

Paypal link below. Then hit the Download link below.



Lori Ruge-Jones.png

Training Workshop

NBSC Workshop 201
October 30/21

With attention to heart and mind! 


Lori Ruge-Jones leads in a series of questions and conversations in this enrichment level workshop. Mining the array of possible emotions in a story allows the teller to portray them with more depth in performance. Lori gives us some research tools for "exegesis" - or drawing out the original meaning of the words, context and story.



NBSC Nov2021 Story Theatre Thumb.png

Story Theatre 2021

NBSC Story Theatre November 20/21

Luke's John the Baptist proclamation, Revelations imagery, Matthew's Baptism of Jesus, the Saga of Brave Queen Esther, Mark's Transfiguration and a bBlessing from the Letter to the Philippians. All this in November's Story Theatre. (The conversation to follow is not recorded, for privacy purposes). 

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Theme 1.png

Festival of Telling 2021

Keynote I:
Dr Tom Boomershine

The What, Why, When of
Biblical Storytelling

The ancient origins of biblical storytelling in Israel, and in the telling of stories of Jesus, how the discipline is re-emerging as a way of studying the text, and about some of the experimental research into current scripture telling.

Theme 2.png

Festival of Telling 2021

Keynote II:
Dr Tom Boomershine

The Origins and Impact of
the Gospel of Mark

Jesus talked about a new upside-down kingdom - about responding to
enemies and violence with good. Tom explores the storytelling origins of
the Gospel of Mark and how, in the aftermath of the Jewish-Roman War,
the themes of war and peace loom so large in this Gospel. We hear these stories as an encounter with Jesus and his new Way.

Theme 3.png

Festival of Telling 2021

Keynote III:
Dr Tom Boomershine

The Story of the Messiah of Peace

Ancient and modern tales tend to glorify the myth of redemptive violence - the belief that evil can only be overcome by more violence. Here Tom focuses on the climactic accounts of Jesus' ministry, death and resurrection  - stories which stand as vindication of God’s Way of overcoming the powers
of evil. Tom shares the implications of these stories, which can lead us to peace-making in our day.

Theme 4.png

Festival of Telling 2021

Keynote IV:
Dr Tom Boomershine

Jesus: The Messiah of Peace

What is Biblical Storytelling? How can we better understand Mark's Gospel by exploring its origins as a spoken word performance - by real people to real communities? Will this change the way we interpret the tone and the text? This is Tom's reflection for the public closing worship of the Festival.​

Steve Bell this is love thumb.png

Festival of Telling 2021

Steve Bell
Reflection & Song

"This is Love"

Canadian guest theologian singer-songwriter Steve Bell reflects on Jesus' way of self-sacrificing love. His words stand as introduction to the song "This is Love".


Ray Aldred.png

Festival of Telling 2021

Ray Aldred
Plenary Reflection

"Conversation with Ken Quiring"

An end-of-evening reflection on Day One's presentation featuring Cree Elder and Vancouver School of Theology faculty member Ray Aldred.

Story Theatre Pentecost.png

May 23/21

Acts 2:1-21 Pentecost!
A shared, worldwide telling

The Network of Biblical Storytellers Canada, with friends from the NBS India and others share the account of the Holy Spirit filling the community with fire, breath and the gift of tongues. In English, bursting into 14 different languages.

Story theatre jun2021 poster.png


Story Theatre
June 19, 2021

The Network of Biblical Storytellers Canada, with friends from the US and India, shares an hour of a beautiful variety of scriptures by heart.

NBSC  JulWorkshop.png


Ancient Stepping Stones
July 24/21 

John Frank-Epp leads a 90-minute workshop in a method of discovering the "architecture" of a text, identifying its key words, or "stepping stones", in order to create a flow of gesture memory.




April 11, 2021

Closing Worship at the NBS Canada Festival of Telling
including Epic Telling

NBSC Epic2021 thumbnail.png

April 11, 2021

Epic Telling at the
Closing Worship of the
NBS Canada 2021


May 22, 2021

Pentecost Story Theatre May 22/21

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