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Adult Students

Giving From the Heart for Learning By Heart

Words of life, deep in our souls, inspired by the Holy Spirit, are a gift that will last a lifetime.


The Network of Biblical Storytellers Canada is committed to ensuring that all online offerings be open and available to anyone who needs to attend. We are aware of the challenges facing ministry and theology students financially.


We dream big about what it would mean to have students who are deepening their ministries incorporate the beauty, art and passion of Biblical Telling into their lives. We foresee it influencing sermons, outreach street work, Bible study groups, pastoral care, devotion and personal spiritual practice - the whole Christian community.

Sponsor a Ministry Student


To this end, we are creating an opportunity for you to donate to the NBSC to be used specifically for student sponsorships  - in particular, to our annual online Festival of Biblical Telling.


We invite you to partner with us in this way to make the work of the NBSC available to those who have the curiosity or passion for biblical telling, but are limited by budgetary considerations.


Please prayerfully consider if this is something you are called to contribute to. We are not a registered charity at this time, and cannot provide a charitable tax receipt, but we can guarantee that 100% of your contribution will go directly to a student who needs and appreciates it!  

Sponsor a Ministry Student in Attending an NBSC event


Open up Possibilities

Send a cheque or money order. Email Brenda Murti, our Admin, for the particulars.

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Give Encouragement

Canadians can E-transfer funds - our favourite - to

Faith Music

Spread the Word

International contributors may find Paypal the easiest method of contributing. 

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