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Our Festival Featured Concert
Indigenous Comedian

Sharon Shorty!

Biography - Sharon Shorty

Sharon Shorty is from the Tlingit, Northern Tutchone and Norwegian People. Sharon is from the Raven Clan and was raised with, and grounded in, the storytelling tradition of her southern Yukon community.

As a result, she likes nothing more than to share stories in various genres. Her popular character "Gramma Susie" tells the old stories, as well as her adventures with Colonel Sanders and trips to New York City.

She performs with Duane Ghastant' Aucoin (Tlingit, Yanyedi Clan) to make the unforgettable duo "Gramma Susie and Cash Creek Charlie". In television, she is a story producer: telling stories on arts and culture. In 2012, on Canada Day, Sharon and Duane were awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for their significant public service to the Yukon and Canada alike.

Sharon is an award winning actor (Aurora Award, 1997) and Storyteller (Aurora Award, 1998). She has received the Ross Charles Award (1999), the CTV Fellowship (1999) and The Yukon Filmmaker's Fund Award (1999). And more importantly, Sharon is an award-winning Bannock-Maker! (New Yukon Indian Days, 2003)  She was also recently named "Best Comedian" and "Best Way to Dress as an Elder". Grandma Susie's clothing can now be seen at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Sharon is known for her time at  Vancouver Public Library as the Aboriginal Storyteller in Residence in 2015. She also  worked as Regina's first Aboriginal Storyteller-in-Residence for their 2004 Centennial Storytelling Project, based at the Regina Public Library. Sharon now lives in her home territory with her family.

She is generous, not only with her time and talents, but also in her spirit of truth telling and reconciliation through relationship. The City of Whitehorse, the whole Yukon Territory, and Whitehorse United Church (of which she is a member) are the richer for her presence. This storytelling festival will be the richer for her presence too.

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