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Training Workshops

Telling in Easter_Bev.png

Biblical Telling 101

"Telling the Easter Story By Heart"

*by donation*

between Feb 18-March 24

at 4:30 Pacific Time

(see this time calculator)


Easter is coming up at the end of March. The story of the life and death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth is the greatest story EVER. Would you like to be able to tell it - or parts of it -  by heart?

Maybe you’d learn it to tell to your children, or grandchildren.

Maybe you’d like to learn to tell it WITH your children, or grandchildren.

Or maybe you could learn to tell it in worship, or at Bible study, with your worship team, or worship committee - or just to have it in your mind and heart.

Beverly Brazier, from the Network of Biblical Storytellers, Canada, is willing to work with you during Lent, to help that happen.

Learn the steps to Biblical storytelling: tips and best practices, and most of all, learn the story.

Bev is offering to meet with people at the time of your mutual convenience, but it all begins now with Sunday evenings. Ideally we’d meet weekly for an hour long session. Sign up and make a plan with her.

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