Story theatre Feb2022 poster.png
Featuring the Whitehorse Sacred Story Group presentation
of their Valentine's performance
"Love Letters from God - Texts of Love in the Bible"
The Canada-India By-Heart Guild's performance of the
II Kings story: "Elisha and the Shunammite Woman"
Come Tell in the Story Theatre
It's an opportunity to share your favourite scripture with friends and audience. Or practise before a supportive crowd. Or come to simply listen and be blessed by others' performance.
(No, you do not need to be an expert teller)


  • Telling can be any length up to 7 minutes long (longer by permission only)

  • Tellings are Scripture. Another day we will hold a Story Theatre with stories outside of scripture, midrash and telling in your own words

  • Be thoughtful about the translation language you are choosing, showing respect for all people

  • Nope, no more videos. Come and tell!

  • We'll help you with your wifi presence, if you would like some coaching

  • Come 15 minutes early to ensure success

  • Free of charge

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