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The NBSC invites you to a Workshop in Biblical Storytelling

Biblical Storytellers!

The Academy for Biblical Storytelling - a school within the Network of Biblical Storytellers International - is inviting registrations for its 2022 year-long accreditation course. I have taken this programme, and I can tell you it is incredible teaching and an opportunity to work collegially with other biblical tellers in process. It is offered only every other year, so it's worth considering now. If you felt the time was "almost right"... perhaps the time is actually right.

This week: NBS Canada is offering a WORKSHOP by the dean of the Academy, Tracy Radosevic - and boy, are we blessed to have her doing this teaching! Though October may feel rather full to you, I encourage you to give yourself the gift of this continuing education. You have no doubt noticed that biblical storytelling has begun to give you new eyes for seeing and ears for hearing, and Tracy's teaching will give you a clarified understanding of the potential that it holds.

Our workshop runs from 8-11am (pacific), next Saturday, Oct 23rd. I encourage you (yea, I exhort ye!) to sign up.

Biblical Storytelling 101 - Background and Basics

with Tracy Radosevic You're a storyteller, but the notion of biblical storytelling is new to you? You're a person who loves the Word and wants to deepen your devotion? You're a worship leader seeking a new-old practice that will give your community new "ears to hear"? Join us for this enlightening and empowering introduction to the art and spiritual discipline of biblical storytelling.

Our Workshop Leader: Tracy Radosevic is a professional freelance storyteller from Maryland USA, who has taught, preached and performed all over the world. The Dean of the NBSI Academy for Biblical Storytelling, she has a Doctor of Ministry in Spirituality for Transforming Community (with a concentration in digital storytelling) from Wesley Theological Seminary, a Master Degree in Storytelling from ETSU, and another in Religious Education from Duke. Tracy helps her audience look at the usual in unusual ways, mining biblical narratives for their humour and oft-overlooked feminine inspirations. Her favourite venues for this are weekend retreats and storytelling pilgrimages to Israel/Palestine.

This Workshop is $30 (e-transfer to or email us to make a different plan - including receiving a bursary, if you need the assistance) Time: 8:00-11am pacific time Register for Zoom Link

Next week

The following weekend (Oct 30, 8-10am pacific), we are offering a Biblical Storytelling 201 workshop with Rev Lori Ruge-Jones, which will be great for those with some experience in telling - even those who have just taken this 101 course! Stay tuned for another note on that - or just go to the same workshop page and sign up.

See you there!


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